Corrective Exercise

Are you suffering from lower back pain? Research has proved that lower back pain is one of the common issues that impact your day to day life. Hi, this is Jetender Walia, your corrective exercise specialist.

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Building Relationships

Relationships at the workplace determine the speed at the workplace. Hi, I am Neeraj Tyagi, an executive coach. I work with business leaders globally and help them become successful in building relationships. It integrates working with stakeholders, clients, and employees. I will help you achieve professional success and increase your credibility and enhancing trust in your business environment. Click on the subscribe button and let the journey started.

Yoga for Diabetes

With 63.2 million cases in India, diabetes is one of the giant killers affecting us in a massive way.

Hi, I am Kautuk, your yoga trainer. Yoga for diabetes is a 3 week program with sessions of 45 min each week. I will teach you basic yoga practices in order to manage & mitigate diabetes. If this is of interest to you, Click to Subscribe now & get started.

Yoga for hypertension

With 10.8% of all the deaths in India, hypertension is one of the major pillars. Data says, that 1 out of 5 individuals in India is hypertensed.

your yoga buddy. Yoga for heart is a 3-week program with sessions of 45 min each week. I will teach you practices which will help you manage your heart and heart-related problems. Click to Subscribe now & get started.