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150+ internationally certified coaches | India | US | UK

Vivek Slaria

IIT BHU, MDI-Gurgaon, Tiny habits coach

Mumbai, India

Neeraj Tyagi

Awarded as Women of excellence

Delhi, India

Sue Stockdale

MBA, Professional Executive Coach

London, UK

Stacey Ashley

Executive & Leadership Coach, Speaker Author, Trainer

Sydney Australia

David HF Campbell

Executive Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator & Consultant

Canberra, Australia

Harish Walavalkar

Certified by ICF accredited FastTrack Coach

Mumbai, India

Raju Venkataraman

Executive Coach & Corporate Educator


Sushma I R

Certified Coaches Alliance, Executive Coach

Mumbai, India

Gael Bevan

PCC-ICF certified leadership & executive coach

New York

Daniel Lieberman

PCC-ICF coach, NeuroLeadership coach

Seattle, USA

Aydeli Ríos

Global Executive coach

Esslingen, Germany

Shyam Malhotra

PCC @ International Coach Federation

Delhi, NCR

C N Murthy

PCC-ICF coach

Mumbai, India

Jaya Bhateja

PCC-ICF coach, Mentor Coach


Sreenivas Nagappa

PCC-ICF, Executive Coach

Mumbai, India

We select the best Coaches

At Greenlatte, we work behind the scenes to bring the best coaches to our organizations that choose to work with us.

Every month, we screen almost a 100 coaches globally to identify the top 3 in respective locations.

Each of the coaches has been specifically selected on 11 key attributes and 3 broad heads. The first of the heads is purpose or intent of coaching. This is the single most important element that we look for in a coach. Have they themselves gone through coaching and has it transformed them in a meaningful way?

The second key factor we look for is coaching skill. This may further be broken into 6 core competencies and 7 principles of coaching. Through an in depth process we identify how well is a coach able to apply the skills to any conversation

The thirds factor we look for in a coach is professional background. Since we coach executives, it is important that our coaches also come from a similar background. We specifically check for both academic and work backgrounds. We also seek diversity in experiences and depth in a particular area.

Every coach goes through periodic screening based on the work they deliver. This includes specific feedback from the coachees and sponsoring organizations.

Our coaches selected through this process are present globally. This includes Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, New York, Atlanta, California, London, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.

If you are looking for a scaled coaching intervention in your organization. We can help. Contact us below and we will be delighted to talk.

Neeraj Tyagi

+91 9920998886


Vivek Slaria

+91 9819048886