What do you do when you cannot afford a coach

November 14, 2016

What do you do when you cannot afford a coach

All of us at some point in life have experienced the feeling of “not being able to afford to do something we want.” Naturally, it is not a good feeling to have for self as well as for loved ones. However, it also does not hurt too much at times and we make peace with not being able to afford that something. What excites us is that there are so many other things we can not only afford to have every day but also, embrace each day.
Professional Life Coaching is a recent phenomenon in India and way too many people showing an interest in engaging with a professional coach. One of the biggest reasons why people do not hire a coach is because the coach they like is unaffordable for them and the one they can afford is not the one they would like to engage with.
So what can be done?
There are many possibilities to work with a Professional Coach you like within what you can afford. Three of such possibilities are:
1) Engage a coach – Do not just talk to a coach when you can engage a coach in a meaningful relationship. Talking to a coach will get you information and engaging with a coach will get you infinite wisdom. Many people call up a coach and take a pre coaching/free coaching session to get loads of information about coaching and how a coach can help them achieve their goals. In addition to this, people can also explore engaging a coach further by asking more powerful questions like
a) How will you support me when I will discontinue coaching?
b) Will you be able to bring flexibility in your pricing & payment schedule for our long term association?
2) Explore options – It is known that the engaging a coach on a face-to-face working terms
is the most expensive. Explore other options of
a) Beginning with face-to-face coaching and then moving on to online
b) Mixing the face-to-face and online with a structured or more flexible approach
c) Staying connected with a coach via online channel only
d) Referring you to another coach who your preferred coach recommends
3) Embrace support – Professional Coaching is growing faster and hence the support ecosystem. More and more coaches are supporting people with their knowledge and experience. Some of the ways you can embrace coaching support includes
a) Engaging Coach via email/phone call/sms support
b) Subscribing to the Coach newsletters
c) Following Coach on social media particularly LinkedIn
d) Subscribing to a Coaching magazine or a
professional magazine your chosen coach writes for
Working with a Professional Coach is similar to working in any relationship and does require time, energy and money investment at different levels. While client makes the payment to the coach, coach in turn invests in herself/himself to stay abreast of new things. Also in Coach – Coachee relationship, anyone can choose to initiate the discussion of disengagement, if required. Such freedom and flexibility works for everyone involved in a positive way.
Since both the Client and the Coach are committed to achieve a common goal, both reap the benefit of becoming better in the process.
Happy Coaching!!!
Neeraj Tyagi
Certified International Executive Coach who helps professionals living the best possible life.

Book a session with her at www.twelveweek.com/neerajtyagi/

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